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Supersonic Private Jet On The Horizon

Supersonic Private Jet On The Horizon

Aerion Corp. brings its new designed private supersonic jet that could be flying within the next decade, to the Paris Air Show.

Chairman Robert Bass says there is market that would justify the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars needed for the design, development, and testing of a new supersonic jet.

The supersonic jet would hold 8-12 passengers and fly at speeds approaching 1,000 mph, making a flight from New York to Paris in a little over 4 hours. But with supersonic flight prohibited over the continental United States, Aerion’s proposed jet would fly just under the speed of sound at 650mph at 50,000 feet. Making it still a viable option as compared to Cessna’s Citation X, which flies at about 600mph.

To build the proposed jet, Aerion’s business plan calls for it to join with an existing aircraft manufacturer for the construction, testing and marketing of the jet. Which is the reason for coming to the Paris Air show so they could rub elbows with potential partners along with potential customers.

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