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Eclipse Aviation Gets FAA Production Certificate

Eclipse Aviation Gets FAA Production Certificate

FAA completed the final test last week and issued a product certificate to Eclipse Aviation so they can start issuing its own airworthiness certificates for each of their Eclipse 500 jets and speed up the manufacturing process.

Eclipse received type certification for its Eclipse 500 jets last year; however the FAA has had to individually test each plane before delivery. Now this is not required any longer as FAA has signed off on Eclipse´s production processes. Eclipse is to be considered a manufacturer not just a development company as before.

Eclipse 500, priced at 1,5 million US dollars, is one of the new very light jets (VLJ) family certified for 6 passengers, its maximum cruising speed is 685 km/h and maximum range is 2400 km. The greatest demand is expected from operators working in an air taxi area.

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