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Avanti II Sells Well In France

Avanti II Sells Well In France

The P180 Avanti II is proving popular with charter operators in France. Boutsen Aviation, which is celebrating the sale of its 130th aircraft, reports that six aircraft out of eight of the most recently ordered, will be made available for charter.

Thierry Boutsen, CEO, says: "The other two will be used by private companies. This will make a total of 12 Avantis in the French sky by mid-2008."

The orders, five finalised and three options, come from four different French companies. Dominique Trinquet, sales manager, says: "The owners cite the advantages of the P180 in terms of cabin size, comfort, speed and operating costs. They are delighted with their ´Ferrari of the sky´ and there is great interest in the extra power of its -66B engines and the increased maximum take off weight."

The Avanti II has a maximum operating speed of Mach 0.70 (approximately 730 kph). The aircraft is certified for single pilot operation and seats up to nine passengers. The Avanti II introduces enhanced avionics, higher performance in terms of speed and payload and greater cabin comfort. The operational ceiling of the Avanti II is 41,000ft allowing the aircraft to fly above weather systems.

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