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100 Orders For New Hawker 4000

100 Orders For New Hawker 4000

Nuremberg-based Aero-Dienst, sales representative for Hawker, reports new firm enquiries and 100 orders for the new Hawker 4000 after demonstration flights in Germany and Austria. The Hawker 4000 was displayed to potential buyers at 12 airports. Armin Hoehnemann, manager aircraft sales, says: "The cabin comfort was among particularly appreciated aspects. The aircraft is extremely quiet and its continuously flat floor makes it appear very spacious." He says of the 100 orders already placed, 50 are from NetJets.

The Hawker 4000 fuselage is entirely manufactured from carbon fibre composite. The cockpit is equipped with the fully integrated Honeywell Primus EPIC avionics system.

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