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A company’s guide to VLJs

A company’s guide to VLJs
The world economy had been in its crucial point for years triggered by the event that shook the whole world on the 11th day of September 2001. By then, a sudden shift in the world of aviation was marked by the decline of aircraft orders for big aircraft manufacturing companies like Boeing and Airbus. The airline industry felt such pressure where even stringent security checks to travellers on airports owing to the above act of terrorism caused delays to passengers on every airline flights. Business jets just came in time to fill the need for that category of passengers flying on business class flights. Well, if one’s business could mean millions of losses for a company member who fails to attend a business conference a thousand miles away on time, that business firm could definitely afford to operate a company owned business jet. Cessna Citation Mustang Cessna had been manufacturing planes since Clyde established the company in September 1927; from its high wing single-engined piston models which no doubt launched most pilots in their first taste of flight. The company’s track record with jet powered aircraft couldn’t be undermined with its experience in manufacturing mid-sized business jets through the Citation series of aircraft. The Citation Mustang was FAA certified in September 2006 and adds up to the company’s list of options for buyers. Priced at some $ 2.53 million, it was certified for single pilot operation (dual controls for co-pilot standard on each models) and seats 4 passengers. Eclipse 500 Eclipse 500 was manufactured by Eclipse Aviation and gained certification in December 2006. With the course of the world crisis, the company entered into bankruptcy and the name was assumed by a new company which acquired the assets in the name of Eclipse Aerospace. The aircraft seats 6 passengers and was marketed at $ 2.45 million back in 2009. Embraer Phenom 100 The Phenom 100 was Embraer’sentry option to the VLJ market. The company’s credibility in aircraft manufacturing was well established being Brazil’s leading aircraft manufacturing and exporting company. It has manufactured military aircraft and franchised the assembly of small aircraft for other manufacturing companies and lately started a line of medium sized wide body aircraft for the airline industry. The Phenom 100 seats 4 passengers in standard configuration and could accommodate 6 in maximized version. Diamond Jet Diamond Aircraft Industries was an established aircraft manufacturing company with headquarters at Austria and has been around for decades manufacturing General Aviation aircraft mostly of lightweight and composite construction. The D-Jet was its first entry on the jet aircraft business and had its first flight in April 2008. HA-420 Honda Jet Honda Aircraft Company, Inc. entered the VLJ market with this innovative designed jet aircraft easily identified with its engine mount configuration. The engine mount was inverted with the engine pylon attached at the upper rear of the wing. Probably just a practical solution when the aircraft was a low wing. As defended by Honda engineers, the upper wing engine mount has lesser flutter (vibration) tendencies while on flight thus allows for an efficient and safer aircraft design configuration. Well if you believe in the “Power of Dreams” as the company motto puts it, you will admire the credibility in this Japanese company which had been a pioneer in cars, motorcycles and jetskis.

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