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A joint project of Rostech and DAI has been approved by the government

A joint project of Rostech and DAI has been approved by the government

A joint project of Rostech and DAI has been approved by the government
The joint project of Rostech and Diamond Aircraft Industries (DAI) for launching the production of multi-role aircraft seating from 9 to 19 passengers has been approved by the Presidential Commission on Development of General Aviation, press-service of Rostech reports. It was unveiled during the meeting of the Presidential Commission on Development of General Aviation held in Ulyanovsk. The implementation of this project will allow the parties to transfer unique technologies in the area of design, manufacture and certification of next-generation aircraft. Thus Rostech will be able to expand its presence at the domestic light aircraft market, Rostech’s press-service reports. Initially the engines and airframes will be assembled in Austria. At the second stage of the project the production of some components will be launched in Russia (this refers to composite components manufactured by RT-Khimkompozit and diesel engines with a power of 450 and 750 h.p.). At the final stage (by 2016) up to 60 composite aircraft powered by diesel engines will be manufactured in Russia. The enterprise will be certified in accordance with EASA and AR IAC standards, Rostech noted. “The cooperation with DAI will enable transfer of state-of-the-art technologies which are of great importance for Russian industry. These technologies will help reduce production and operational costs for light aircraft and increase their fuel-efficiency”, - Aleksey Fedorov, the managing director on aviation projects of Rostec, said. This will allow us to keep the market price of the aircraft at the level of 80 million rubles (9-seat) and 120 million rubles (19-seat) which is twice cheaper as compared to the all-metal and hybrid analogues”. The total investments in the project will be around 10 billion rubles by 2018. At present 90% of the operated light aircraft are accounted for outdated An-2s. 89% of the commercial aircraft and 79% of general aviation aircraft will be put out of operation by 2025. Russia will require a total of 1310 light multi-role airliners. Rostech intends to manufacture and sell about 800 aircraft by that time, the press-service noted.

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