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Aircraft Cost Calculator, LLC and Upcast AvBooks Announce Partnership

Aircraft Cost Calculator, LLC and Upcast AvBooks Announce Partnership

Aircraft Cost Calculator, LLC and Upcast AvBooks Announce Partnership
Aircraft Cost Calculator, LLC (ACC) and Russian digital publisher, Upcast have announced a collaboration that will give their global customers access to more information and new services. Upcast AvBooks users will benefit from accurate and frequently updated technical specifications and cost parameters, while ACC subscribers will see new multimedia features in aircraft analysis and comparisons, including proprietary floorplans and cross-section scale drawings. “We have created a series of interactive aircraft guides for the Apple® iPad,” Ivan Veretennikov, Upcast AvBooks Publisher, explains. “Our goal is to give users an easy-to-use tool for quickly viewing and comparing aircraft with just a few taps of their fingers. It is always at hand, wherever you are, no internet connection required. We have the essential specifications, beautiful images, floorplans, cross-sections, and interactive range maps – everything one needs for preliminary research. We strive to give our users accurate data, and we are very happy that ACC has agreed to include additional information such as ownership costs and flight ranges. Thanks to this, we can now offer both ferry and fully-loaded ranges for aircraft, whereas before we were confined to standard manufacturer figures, which are all based on different assumptions.” “Another important thing to keep in mind is that after you’ve done your comparisons, you want some sound analysis based on model, year of manufacture, region, annual flight hours, typical trips, etc. to make a good economic decision. When it comes to actually buying, go to ACC first – I am confident that their expertise and thorough analysis will help the future owner make a good decision and save lots of money in the long run.” Veretennikov continues. Chris Doerr, Jr., President of Aircraft Cost Calculator, LLC, explains the benefits of this collaboration, “We are pleased to combine the multimedia capabilities and propriety floorplans into ACC for our clients. The ability to transform operating cost data into meaningful information on virtually any device is a core competency of ACC and now we can offer clients additional information to assist in their aircraft analysis and evaluation. The combination of operating costs, range maps and customized floorplans is unique in the industry.”

About Upcast AvBooks

Upcast AvBooks is a series of interactive aircraft guides for the Apple® iPad. The applications combine the convenience and functionality of the tablet PC with the value of traditional aircraft catalogues, not by just transferring the data into digital format, but also adding some features that many aircraft owners, industry professionals, and aviation enthusiasts have long called for. All apps allow users to browse through aircraft models currently in production or development, as well as the more popular out-of-production types. It is possible to quickly assess different aircraft, view photographs, cabin layouts, and cross-sections, as well as compare flight ranges on an interactive range map.

About Aircraft Cost Calculator

ACC is an intuitive, Web application that provides users access to the accurate costs and benefits of aircraft ownership. ACC allows owners and prospective owners to calculate the costs of full ownership, fractional ownership, ownership through leasing, or a combination of all of these. Features include fair market price value depreciation and the cost of capital over the life of aircraft ownership. A special feature within the program called the ‘Trip Cost Calculator’ clearly shows the cost savings associated with business aviation. ACC's data and reports are editable by the user, in order to more accurately represent specific serial numbers, scenarios and company branding. ACC works on any mobile device, with a Wi-Fi connection.

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