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Airfix Aviation LTD introduces the first state of art Gulfstream G650 business jet in Europe!

Airfix Aviation LTD introduces the first state of art Gulfstream G650 business jet in Europe!

Airfix Aviation LTD introduces the first state of art Gulfstream G650 business jet in Europe!
Finnish business aviation company Airfix Aviation has taken a delivery of the best-classified business jet ever built as the first European company. The aircraft is 14 seat flagship of American manufacturer Gulfstream and is called G650. The G650 is today the fastest civilian use aircraft with cruising speed near the speed of sound (1 000 km/h, 0,925 Mach) and has a range of 13 000 km. The range is also the greatest among the business jets available today and you can fly non-stop for example city pair Helsinki – Rio de Janeiro in just 11:30. The flight is 1 hours and 15 minutes faster comparing to for example the Airbus 340, which is commonly used in regular airlines. The G650 has the lowest CO2 emissions for the aircraft class and fulfills all future aircraft noise levels regulations. After the aircraft delivery the flight from the factory (located in Savannah Georgia, USA) to Helsinki was made in 7 hours and 50 minutes, which is the record for the fastest city pair. This aircraft is one of the first customer deliveries. Airfix Aviation was selected from many operators to be the launch partner for this new aircraft type and is also Authorized Service Facility for Gulfstream. To be an Authorized Service Facility means that the company can perform maintenance services for the manufacturer aircraft types. In Airfix Aviation case the maintenance services will cover mainly European and Russian areas. So far Gulfstream has delivered five aircraft, which four are flying in the USA. The next G650 delivering in Europe will be earliest during next summer. The G650 is one of the most wanted new releases in the market. If you wish to purchase one of these modern technology aircraft today you might need to wait around five years to receive one. Few of the advance technologies in the aircraft are fly-by-wire flight controls (electrically transferred control commands without any mechanical or hydraulic links), strong infrared camera what the pilot can utilize to see through weather, synthetic vision flight instruments system with animated terrain generated to the flight instruments. The passenger convenient items include around 30 % lower cabin altitude and ultra-silent cabin. Airfix Aviation operates internationally and manages 14 business jets with headquarters in Helsinki Finland. The charter sales and aircraft dispatch for the company is done from its Geneva office and there is a branch office in Moscow under process to support growing demands in Russia. The management services provided includes flying and flight planning, maintenance services, personnel recruiting and all possible related to owning, operation and finances of the aircraft. Airfix Aviation belongs to a greater aviation group called A-Group. The Group includes also a fast growing and strong Russian business Aviation Company named AviaGroup, which owns and operates the most modern and luxurious passenger terminals and aircraft hangars in Moscow Sheremetyevo and Saint Petersburg airports. The Group offers all services needed in Business Aviation from one source and employs around 500 persons. Airfix Aviation is a company with high competence in aviation employing already over 120 persons in Finland and long time trusted partner for one of the most demanding Customers group in the world.

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