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Alexander Lebedev will acquire An-124 aircraft in exchange for a block of shares of Ilyushin Finance & Co.

Alexander Lebedev will acquire An-124 aircraft in exchange for a block of shares of Ilyushin Finance & Co.

Alexander Lebedev will acquire An-124 aircraft in exchange for a block of shares of Ilyushin Finance & Co.
Alexander Lebedev has sold 100% of Red Wings’ shares to «a group of Russian investors, consolidated in the network of a fund», the businessman told Gazeta.ru, refusing to unveil the names of these investors. «I am in a hurry because this deal will make no sense in two weeks – we will have to invest more money in the company and the investors are not ready for this», — he explained. According to Lebedev, this refers to two legally independent, but connected deals. The first one – contract of exchange – Lebedev hands over the shares of Ilyushin Finance & Co. (IFC) (at present 25,8% of IFC’s shares are on the balance sheet of Lebedev’s National Reserve Bank) to the subsidiary of IFC in exchange for “other aircraft from the fleet of IFC” and remission of Red Wings’ debt connected with lease payments for Tu-204 aircraft. «We will not acquire Tu-204, I refused to operate Tu-204 aircraft», — Lebedev said. A source familiar with the details of negotiations said that Lebedev will acquire An-124 aircraft. After that “we will have to establish two new leasing companies - in Ulyanovsk and Voronezh, in order to lease these aircraft”, Lebedev explained. These leasing companies will take delivery of aircraft from the fleet of IFC and lease them out to a Russian carrier, the businessman added. As a result the credit against the aircraft will appear on the balance sheet of National Reserve Bank in place of IFC’s shares. «Red Wings will have the best financial position in Russia», — Lebedev promised, noting that IFC needs to carry out new assessment of the deal, which will take about 10 days. «Anyway, I insist that we should meet with Alexander Neradko, head of Federal Air Transport Agency, as soon as possible taking into account the agreements reached, — he added. – Because if Red Wings is idle for two more weeks, this will have dire consequences. We have already lost 6 or 7 crews out of 36 ones». We remind you that the Air Operator Certificate of Red Wings was suspended in February 2013 after the air crash in Vnukovo airport. The Federal Air Transport Agency said that one of the reasons for suspending the carrier’s Air Operator Certificate was its poor financial position. The airline was operating 8 Tu-204 aircraft owned by IFC. The carrier’s debt owed to IFC is assessed at more than 1,5 billion rubles. Lebedev noted that Red Wings will lease these jets again provided that its Air Operator Certificate will be resumed. However, the carrier intends to lease the jets at lower rate. «This is also stipulated in the contract», — he added. It was reported earlier that Lebedev have sold Red Wings to a group of investors for 1 ruble.

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