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Dubai Airshow 2007

850 participants from 50 countries across the globe attended the 10th Dubai Airshow 2007 at the Airport Expo of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, through 11-15 Nov. 140 types of military and civil aircraft were displayed on фт area of 35 thousand sq. m. The event gathered many participants and along with regular exhibitors such as Bell Helicopters, Airbus, Bombardier Aerospace, Cessna Aircraft, Boeing and AgustaWestland the Airshow was attended by debutants – Grob Aerospace, Henkel Aerospace, Volvo Aero, Eclipse Aviation and others.

Dubai Airshow is the largest in the Middle East and the world´s third most prominent and it started to set records in civil aircraft sales right from the start. The total sum of contracts signed on the first day only amounted to 34.9 bln. USD and the next day the total sum rose to 132.5 bln. USD breaking the previous record set by Farnborough Airshow 2006. Experts attribute such consumer activity to the boom in throughout the aviation industry in the Middle East. In particular, they emphasize the rapid development of major Middle Eastern airlines including such giants as Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways, which placed orders for dozens of Boeings and Airbuses during the Airshow.

Organizers intentionally limited the access to the Airshow and admitted only experts and decision-makers of military and civil aerospace.

A full range of business aircraft models enjoyed particular interest at the Airshow. The world’s major manufacturers of business planes such as Embraer, Dassault Falcon, Hawker Beechcraft and Bombardier displayed their state-of-the-art products. This year new names such as Eclipse Aviation and Grob Aerospace were on the list of business jet manufacturers.

Airbus which manufactures business as well as commercial airliners was one of the first to disclose the results of the Airshow. The contracts signed at Dubai Airshow mark the growing popularity of the A350 XWB and А380 used both by airlines and private individuals. Several VIP-versions of these planes were sold at the Airshow, the most impressive deal being the contract for delivery of the double-deck "flying palace" А380 signed by the prince of Saudi Arabia. Hong Kong business charter company С JET ordered an A318 of the ACJ family and VIP-configured А350 XWB planes.

The Brazilian Embraer showed impressive results at the Airshow. It received orders from 9 clients worldwide amounting to 1.1 bln. USD with the share of business aircraft exceeding 632 mln. Embraer received 51 firm orders for 7 Lineage 1000 , 7 Legacy 600 and 37 Phenom aircraft. Such success may be due to Embraer displaying its full lineup of executive jets and impressing the visitors by the full-size mockup of Lineage 1000 and Phenom 300 cabins showcased for the first time in the region.

Dassault Falcon received the first big order for Falcon 7X the last few months. An undisclosed Saudi charter company placed a firm order for seven ultra-long range Falcon 7Xs and an option for 3 more planes. Company experts explain the success stating that the 7X is the most popular Dassault bizjet in the Middle East.

Cessna Aircraft Company was successfull with a large order received from its Middle Eastern distributor Wallan Aviation. Cessna is to deliver 11 Citation Jets and 14 single-engined planes totalling over than 110 mln. USD. This deal was followed by a contract with Egyptian company Smart Aviation for 5 Citation Sovereigns for 80 mln. USD. Moreover Cessna Aircraft sold several Citation Mustangs.

Airshow debutant Eclipse Aviation received an order for the delivery of 12 Eclipse 500 VLJs. Eclipse jets are to be involved in the flight training program for pilots from Europe, the Middle East, India and North Africa.

Canadian manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace signed contracts for the delivery of one Learjet 45XR and Challenger 605. Bombardier presented its new Learjet NXT business jet first time announced in the late October this year.

Aerion made a breakthrough at Dubai. The company is heading to occupy the empty niche on the supersonic passenger jet market that has been free since the Concorde project was shut down. Saudi businessman Tarek bin Laden, stepbrother of Osama bin Laden, and sheikh Rashid bin Humaid, head of Ajhman, became the first buyers of the yet-to-be-constructed supersonic business-jet (SSBJ) priced at 80 mln. USD. According to the conditions set by Aerion, the first 40 clients of the company are to invest 250 thousand USD into the model´s completion.

In conclusion we’d like to stress that the exhibition indicated growing interest not only to the aviation industry as a whole, but to the business aviation segment in particular. The boom in business jet sales correlates with the economic welfare and rapid development of aviation in the countries of the Middle East. Setting a new sales record Dubai Airshow justified its claim of being one of the world´s largest aviation events.

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  • 11 – 15 ноября в выставочном центре Airport Expo города Дубаи прошел 10-й международный авиасалон Dubai Airshow 2007
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