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Ed Bolen: business aviation is essential in America

Ed Bolen: business aviation is essential in America

Ed Bolen: business aviation is essential in America
A leader in business aviation and one in the labor movement appeared on a nationally syndicated radio show to deliver a joint message: business aviation is essential in America. On July 26, National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) President and CEO Ed Bolen was joined by Tom Buffenbarger, the International President for the International Association of Machinists (IAM) and Aerospace workers for an in-studio interview on The Bill Press Show, an influential left-leaning radio program. The appearance by Bolen and Buffenbarger followed another attempt by President Obama to vilify business aviation the night before, in a nationally televised news conference ostensibly focused on the deficit and debt-ceiling negations between the White House and congress. The Bill Press Show is broadcast live each weekday on a host of terrestrial radio stations from coast to coast from 6-9 AM Eastern time. It is also available on satellite radio, streamed live from the show's website and can be downloaded with a podcast subscription. "This is an industry that is predominately American," Bolen told interviewer Bill Press and his listeners. Buffenbarger added that American companies manufacture the largest number of business jets in the world. "We make the Cessnas, we make the Hawker Beechcrafts, we make the Learjets, we make a lot of parts for the Gulfstreams. The industry employs about 84,000 IAM people in great jobs." The IAM itself operates a Learjet 60 both for efficiency and productivity, and Buffenbarger testified to its value at NBAA's 2009 Annual Meeting & Convention. On The Bill Press Show, Buffenbarger cited the central themes of "No Plane No Gain" advocacy campaign, which is jointly sponsored by NBAA and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association to highlight for policymakers and opinion leaders the value of business aviation to citizens, companies and communities across the U.S. Buffenbarger pointed out that over the past two years, he had twice asked President Obama to visit Wichita, KS, to see the "man-made devastation" caused by negative rhetoric regarding business aviation. In Tuesday's interview, host Bill Press searched the President's implication that business jets were unneeded accessories, but Bolen set him straight. "Over 90 percent are used by businesses," said Bolen. "The reason they call them 'business jets' is because they are predominately used for business purposes." "There is a characterization of business aviation that is very much at odds with the reality," said Bolen. "The fact is that 85 percent of companies that use business airrplanes are small and mid-size companies. They're using them to reach communities with little or no airline service. They're using them for things that cannot be done on commercial airlines, such as visiting multiple destinations in a single day." Host Bill Press thanked both men, closing the program saying, "you make a strong case, guys."

Поделиться: http://www.nbaa.org/advocacy/20110727-bill-press-show.php
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