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Europe Welcomes The-Jet

The US manufacturer Cirrus Design exhibited a full size mock-up of their single-engine The-Jet for the first time in Europe last week at EBACE 2008, Geneva, Switzerland.

According to company representatives the maiden flight of The-Jet is expected very soon and JETS.ru will surely inform the bizav community as soon as it takes place.

At EBACE we had a chance to find out more about this interesting airplane. The sleek fuselage, wings tipped with winglets, the one engine mounted above the fuselage with the exhaust that is supposed to flow over a V-tail look really impressive despite the fact that the whole construction is quite unusual.

Two wide entry doors at both sides of the fuselage and sliding front seats make cabin access very easy for a bizjet of this class. We found that the 5-seat cabin is most convenient for 3 adult passengers as the two pilot seats and the middle seat in the aft offer the greatest comfort with sufficient space between head and ceiling. Sliding chairs allow either having maximum legroom or a large luggage area behind the back seats.

The comfortable and stylish interior, high quality materials, and large windows match the idea of comfort, but this is the comfort of a business sedan, not a conventional bizjet. We guess nobody expects to have a stand-up cabin and a bathroom in a car. However Cirrus markets The-Jet as a personal aircraft for those who usually occupy the left seat of the cockpit.

This small airplane is expected to cruise at 300 kts on flight levels up to 25,000 feet with a range goal of 1000 nm. The low approach speed is to be similar to Cirrus piston aircraft. According to Minnesota-based manufacturer all these features along with single pilot operation, one Williams FJ33-4A-19 engine and airframe parachute should make the transition to The-Jet very smooth even for piston pilots without any turbine experience.

Photo courtesy: JETS.ru and Cirrus Design

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