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Fleet growth to continue

Fleet growth to continue
A total of 525 business aircraft will have been brought into Russia and the CIS by the year 2020; a further 1,016 airframes will be delivered between 2021 and 2030; the combined business aviation fleet in the region will thus reach 1,700 aircraft by 2030, compared to over 30,000 business aircraft in operation worldwide by that time. The figures are taken from a forecast made by the JetExpo 2012 organizers based on the results of a research into the Russian business aviation market. According to the study, 158 business aircraft are currently registered in Russia, although the number of Russian-owned business jets registered outside the country exceeds 400. In other words, about two-thirds of Russian owners prefer to have their aircraft registered abroad. This situation is explained by both financial considerations (high customs duties in Russia, expensive insurance, etc.) and owners’ unwillingness to openly admit their ownership. Of all the Russia-registered business aircraft, 83% are owned by corporate and charter operators or by corporations that purchase business jets for their operational needs. Only 17% of the airframes are privately owned. Corporations go for higher-capacity aircraft such as the Falcon 900 and the Gulfstream 450/550; their flight frequencies and routes are usually tailored to meet the top management’s business meeting schedules. Customers of charter services prefer less expensive, smaller aircraft such as the Cessna Citation, whereas private owners often choose business jets of the Embraer Legacy 600 size for personal flying needs. Business charter services are becoming more popular. Although charters are 40-45% more expensive than first-class airline tickets, the cost of flying a group of six to eight people on a relatively short route (for example, from Moscow to St. Petersburg) turns out to be lower than dispatching them by a regular carrier. Indeed, charter operations are charged by the flight hour, independent of airline schedules, and can be flown point-to-point to most destinations, the study notes.

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  • This year’s JetExpo is going to be the first such exhibition for the Russian aircraft parts supplier FastAir. Executive Director Pavel Provotorov told Show Observer that the company specializes in 24/7 express AOG services to business aviation operators
  • 2011 год запомнился участникам российского рынка деловой авиации как первый год стабильности после кризиса. Хотя в России не ведется точной статистики по числу рейсов деловой авиации, участники рынка сходятся в том, что прошлом году объем деловых перевозок вновь начал расти