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Magellan Jets expands into Russia

Magellan Jets expands into Russia
Magellan Jets, leader in private aviation, increased their sales by 32% in 2012 and continues to expand their global presence in 2013 to meet the increasing demand for private jet charter to and from the U.S. Magellan Jets has recently partnered with the Russian Service Bureau (RSB Travel) in a Strategic Partnership that will benefit both companies’ valued clients. Magellan Jets will work with RSB Travel to better assist Russian VIPs with booking private travel to the U.S and within the US. RSB has been an industry leader in providing everything from hotels, villas, yachts, private aircraft, security, guides etc. to clients traveling from Russia and other points in Eastern Europe. Magellan Jets will have an office in Russia that is fully staffed for any flight support services. By combining their resources, Magellan Jets and RSB will create a higher touch experience for VIPs to all of the cities they would like to visit in the U.S. The Russian market is seeing an increase in travel to the U.S. and both companies see this as a great opportunity capitalize on. “Many Russian jet setters are said to have concerns surrounding safety and service when looking to arrange jet service,” Stated Vice President of Magellan Jets, Gregory Belezerian. Magellan Jets’ commitment to safety and the due diligence they perform on their approved vendor network will provide peace of mind for these passengers and allow them to focus on more important things, like which destination they will be visiting next! “Over the years, we have seen a surge in business from the Russian market. To date, there haven’t been many options for these clients that instill top level service and uncompromised safety standards,” says President of Magellan Jets, Anthony Tivnan. “Through our long standing relationship with Russian Service Bureau, together we feel a competitive edge to tailor the total experience for these travelers. Any language barriers or cultural differences that these travelers may have experienced in the past will not be an issue when working with us.” This partnership not only provides safe and affordable charters to Russian clientele, but also a world class flight support department. With years of experience in high-end catering and concierge service, Magellan Jets’ flight support team is committed to excellence in quality and innovation. Each charter includes in-flight catering, concierge, ground transportation and pet-friendly travel. In the coming months, Magellan Jets will be developing a full marketing campaign and fresh collateral in Russian. Magellan Jets will market their current promotions to the Russian market as well, such as the 10 Hour Jet Card, which has a starting price of $4,785 per hour, allowing three adults to privately travel below the cost of a first-class ticket.

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