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NBAA supports industry's promotion of safety tool

NBAA supports industry's promotion of safety tool

NBAA supports industry's promotion of safety tool
Business aviation operators are beginning to implement a program that the airlines have long found useful in generating data that can help identify and predict trends in their flight operations. Called corporate flight operations quality assurance, or C-FOQA, the data-management program collects, scrubs, and processes flight data and generates reports that flight departments can use to predict potentially high risk operations, or operational areas that need attention. Richmond, VA-based Altria Client Services (ALCS), Inc. has been an early adopter of C-FOQA, and Steve Charbonneau, ALCS Aviation's senior manager, aviation training and standards, is leading the effort to form a C-FOQA steering committee, which will be made up of users and other interested stakeholders. An initial meeting was held in late June and was attended by representatives of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Flight Safety Foundation, users, vendors and others. Doug Carr, NBAA's vice president safety, security & regulation, also attended, and said that the association "will be there along with them" as the C-FOQA effort gains steam. "We have seen with the emergence of Safety Management Systems and more forward-looking safety programs that data from efforts such as FOQA can be very helpful in identifying early trends and improving safety," said Carr. "The C-FOQA group is attempting to pool data that the entire industry can benefit from." According to Altria's Charbonneau, the user's group program – which uses flight data processed through Austin Digital Inc.'s eFOQA Event Measurement System – has grown to more than 50 aircraft with 27 companies participating. Data from some 20,000 flights is already generating highly accurate and useful reports on operational data such as unstabilized approaches, landing performance, flight operations events and maintenance events. Information can be drilled down to very specific data, such as late final flap extension, fast approaches or high rate of descent on final, MMO (Max Operating Mach) limit exceedance, reverse thrust while slow, and many dozens of others. Charbonneau, who has been managing Altria's FOQA program for more than three years, said "it has really helped us in a number of areas. For example, it's improved our unstabilized approach rate threefold." "FOQA gives a flight department visibility in many areas, but more importantly, it is a great tool and gives a great opportunity to be proactive and predictive as to potential risk areas," said Charbonneau. He noted out that C-FOQA users get quarterly reports for their individual departments, with an annual aggregate summary report for all users. Identifying flight information is stripped so that specific flights or pilots cannot be pinpointed. "This has been invaluable in creating a corporate safety culture within the C-FOQA users group," said Charbonneau. NBAA's Carr agreed: "Core to FOQA is the notion that the data is not going to be used in a punitive fashion," he said. "Anonymity has to be part of this solution; otherwise, pilots and crew won't want to use it and the business aviation community wouldn't get all the benefits from it." Carr noted that the FAA is also interested in C-FOQA, and wants to partner with the business aviation community in gathering and analyzing the valuable data that C-FOQA provides.

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