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Russian passenger air traffic continues to grow against all odds

Russian passenger air traffic continues to grow against all odds

Russian passenger air traffic continues to grow against all odds
Russian passenger air traffic continues to grow despite the persisting nationwide economic recession. Expectations are for the figure to exceed 100 million passengers in 2013, according to a forecast by Russia’s Transport Clearing House (TCH), the national agency charged with collecting air transport-related statistics. Russian airlines are projected to carry 38.2 million passengers domestically and 46.7 million people on international routes this year. A further 18.9 million passengers should be carried into or from Russia by foreign airlines. This means that the Russian air transport industry will demonstrate a double-digit growth compared to 2012, when the volume of passenger traffic totaled 91.6 million, including 35.4 million people on domestic routes, 38.6 million on international flights carried by Russian carriers, and 17.6 million carried by foreign airlines. The industry on the whole has seen a threefold increase in traffic volumes for the last 10 years since 2003, when a total of 34.6 million passengers was carried, says TCH Vice-President Marina Bukalova. She also notes that the share of international traffic will hit 63% in 2013 against 61% a year before, and is likely to continue its domination in future as more direct international flights get launched from Russian regions thus taking Moscow as the country’s major hub out of the equation. The TCH expectations have so far been confirmed by industry statistics. According to the Federal Air Transport Agency, Russian airlines carried 65.2 million passengers on domestic and international routes in January through September, or 14.7% up year-on-year. Passenger turnover saw a 16% increase to to 172.9 billion passenger-kilometers; the passenger load factor grew by 1.4%, reaching 80.8%. The growth in passenger transportation slowed down a bit in September: Russian airlines carried only 8.5 million people that month, just 9.7% up on September 2012. Passenger turnover grew by 7% to 21.7 billion passenger-kilometers. All of the top five Russian carriers — Aeroflot, Transaero, UTair, S7 Airlines, and Aeroflot’s subsidiary Rossiya — showed an increase in passenger traffic. Aeroflot remains the country’s largest airline, with 15.7 million passengers carried by itself and almost 24 million passengers as a group, which also includes Rossiya, OrenAir (8th in the ranking), Donavia (12th), Vladivostok Air (14th), and SAT Airlines. The latter two carriers are in the process of being merged into a new company named Aurora, which will operate domestic and international routes across Russia’s Far East. The fastest growth among the top five has been demonstrated by Transaero. However, according to its 2013-18 development strategy, the airline is now planning to focus on improving its financial performance at the expense of network expansion plans. The carrier’s IFRS revenues in the first half of 2013 have reached 45.5 billion rubles (about $1.4 billion), and its net profit stands at 464 million rubles. Of the top 20 Russian airlines, the most impressive growth has been demonstrated by charter operators such as Kolavia, IFly, and Nordwind. This looks like the result of a successful summer vacation season. At the same time, Russian cargo traffic is evidently stagnating. The volume of cargo and mail carried in the first nine month of the year grew just by 1.6% year on year to 730,322 tons, while the cargo turnover figure dropped by 1% to 3.7 billion ton-kilometers. September saw a 2.2% decrease in the volume of cargo carried (85,481 tons), and a 10.3% slump in cargo turnover to 410 million ton-kilometers. In the meantime, air traffic in neighboring Ukraine continues to shrink. According to the Ukrainian Statistics Service, the country’s airlines carried 6.1 million passengers in January through September, down 4.3% on the same period in 2012. Passenger turnover dropped 17.3% to 9.4 billion passenger-kilometers. In 2012, air traffic in Ukraine totaled 8.1 million passengers.

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