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S7 Airlines introduces a new uniform for its flight attendants

S7 Airlines introduces a new uniform for its flight attendants

S7 Airlines introduces a new uniform for its flight attendants
S7 Airlines, member of oneworld® alliance, introduced new uniform for its flight attendants on July 15th. The major component of this uniform is bright-cyan suits. The uniform of the carrier’s flight attendants was changed dramatically in December 2012. Strict dark-grey jackets were replaced by ladylike crimson jackets – major component of winter uniform. According to the designers, such a vivid color helps the crew to create a welcoming atmosphere onboard the aircraft. The concept of winter and summer uniform was developed by the designers of Rusmoda (Russia). The stewardesses liked the classic womanish style and the designers kept it during development of the summer uniform. «In accordance with the requirements of S7 we have tried to create very vivid, memorable and womanish image. In spite of contrastive primary color of the uniform, the succession is visible as compared to the winter uniform. During development of the suits we have kept the ambience and fit of all the items. Recognizable spotted blouses are short-sleeved. And the dresses are made of light fabrics», - the designers noted. The selection of suitable fabrics was one of the major problems for the designers. It is important to use breathable and durable fabrics. The suits must not hinder the movements of the flight attendants. The headwear is the important component of the uniform. They are also made of light cyan fabrics. The primary color of S7 Airlines brand is used for ties (for men) and light vapory bow-knots (for women). The woman uniform kit comprises 14 items, allowing the stewardesses to combine items and create an image most suitable for their shape and mood: they may wear dress or skirt or combine grey trousers with white blouse and jacket. Man kit includes 8 items.

Поделиться: http://www.ruaviation.com/news/2013/7/16/1814/

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