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Stripping to the bone

Stripping to the bone
This year’s JetExpo is going to be the first such exhibition for the Russian aircraft parts supplier FastAir. Executive Director Pavel Provotorov told Show Observer that the company specializes in 24/7 express AOG services to business aviation operators. On average, it handles an AOG shipment from the USA within 47 hours (including the customs clearance times); forwarding a part from Europe takes about 22 hours. FastAir has recently become the official Russia and CIS dealership of the German parts supplier EFTEC. FastAir stocks its parts pool by disassembling retired aircraft. The company has already dismantled one Bombardier CRJ100 this way. EFTEC has contracts for the purchase and subsequent stripping of nine CRJ100/200s and one McDonnel Douglas MD-81; the partners’ further plans include buying two Boeing 737s and one Airbus A320. Provotorov says that, although the CRJ-100 was purchased without accompanying documentation, which brought the price tag down for the company, all the stripped-down components were duly inspected and issued with new certificates. Most aftermarket parts specialists cannibalize aircraft for spares whenever required by a customer. FastAir chose a different approach: it strips its airframes down to the structural frame. Provotorov says this way the company is able to quickly pool parts in Russia and Europe Components from the European pool are marketed internationally through the EFTEC logistic chain. Restored parts have to go within three years of re-certification, before their price begins to fall again. FastAir is represented on all the global parts trading markets; the company continues to develop cooperation with MRO providers and also with air carriers, the end customers for its services.

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  • 2011 год запомнился участникам российского рынка деловой авиации как первый год стабильности после кризиса. Хотя в России не ведется точной статистики по числу рейсов деловой авиации, участники рынка сходятся в том, что прошлом году объем деловых перевозок вновь начал расти
  • Разговоры о создании специализированной вертолетной спасательной службы в России идут давно. Причем тема эта получает подпитку всякий раз, когда случается происшествие. В «мирное время» мотивация необходимости в специализированной вертолетной службе обосновывается иными факторами