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The legendary Russian Mi-24 attack helicopter turns 40

The legendary Russian Mi-24 attack helicopter turns 40

The legendary Russian Mi-24 attack helicopter turns 40
The assembly of first multi-role Mi-24 attack helicopter was started at Rostov Helicopter Plant (now called Rostvertol) 40 years ago, press-service of Russian Helicopters Holding Company reports. The multi-role military-transport Mi-24 helicopter was the first one intended for combat operations. Its design appeared to be so successful that different versions of the helicopter are still being operated today. Nowadays about 1,500 helicopters of the type are operated by 60 countries worldwide. About 3500 helicopters have been manufactured over the last 40 years. The helicopter test pilot of Mil design bureau, Hero of the Soviet Union, Gurgen Karapetyan, set a world helicopter flight speed record of 368.4km/h in 1978 using Mi-24 helicopter. This record is still unbeaten by Russian-made helicopters. A new Mi-35M attack helicopter was developed on the basis of Mi-24. The production of multi-role military-transport Mi-35M helicopter was launched in 2005 at Rostvertol. The modernization was aimed at improving the vehicle’s performance and provision of capabilities for performing missions under any light conditions and in a range of geographic locations and climates, for instance, high-temperature and high-altitude environments. At present Mi-35M helicopters are being delivered to different countries, first of all Russia and CIS countries. South America became the new market for this unique helicopter”, - the company noted. “Mi-35M is the attack helicopter equipped with advanced high-precision weapons, which can be used under any light conditions. The helicopter is intended for destroying armored vehicles and providing fire support for ground units. Mi-35M has several configurations: strike, troop carrying, medevac and transport helicopter. Thus its operation becomes not only effective but also highly profitable. One of the helicopter’s key advantages is the possibility of round-the-clock operation. Mi-35M is equipped with advanced navigation and electronic display system with multi-role color displays, target sight system, which includes thermal imaging and television channel, a laser range finder and a location finder”, - the press-service added. The advanced systems allow reducing the workload on the crew, using guided and unguided weapons under any light conditions, performing takeoff and landing on the unprepared grounds. The multi-role military-transport Mi-35M helicopter, developed on the basis of the famous Mi-24, is the unique vehicle in its class. Russian Helicopters Holding Company is justifiably proud of this helicopter, which has become a benchmark for the world helicopter industry.

Поделиться: http://www.ruaviation.com/news/2013/3/22/1592/

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