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Upcast HeliBook Released for iPad

Upcast HeliBook Released for iPad
Upcast, the aviation media company from Russia, has released a new addition to its iPad applications fleet: Upcast HeliBook. The new app continues the Upcast AvBooks series of aviation comparison tools and features 35 private, corporate, and VIP helicopter models of all sizes, starting from the tiny Robinson R22 and going up to the massive Mil Mi-38. The aircraft guide is available on the App Store and can be easily found by searching for “helibook”. Upcast AvBooks combine the convenience and functionality of the Apple iPad with the value of traditional aircraft catalogues, not by just transferring the data into digital format, but also adding some features that many aircraft owners, industry professionals, and aviation enthusiasts have long called for. All apps allow users to browse through aircraft models currently in production or development, as well as the more popular out-of-production types. It is possible to quickly assess different aircraft, view photographs, cabin layouts, and cross-sections, as well as compare flight ranges on an interactive range map.

Ivan Veretennikov, Publisher, comments “HeliBook is a brand-new addition to our series of apps, most importantly featuring a much more detailed range map that JetBook and TurboBook are now also using. Instead of being confined to the 10 or so cities that the manufacturers give you, users can choose from over 300 origins around the world. Plus, the apps allow you to select between empty and fully loaded aircraft, which is something you won’t find anywhere outside very specialized and expensive publications. As for the rest, the philosophy stays the same: beautiful visuals, extensive information in an easy-to-read format, and comparisons in just a few taps. It’s all in English, the measurements are in both metric and Imperial system, and we’ve done our best to have accurate data that will be applicable anywhere in the world.” The two other Upcast products currently out on the App Store are JetBook and TurboBook, featuring 74 business jet and 14 turboprop models respectively. Frequent updates ensure that the lineup is constantly expanding while the data stays accurate. All apps also exist in free Lite versions that have full functionality, but a limited aircraft list.

  • Компания Upcast, специализирующаяся на издании цифровых приложений, позволяющих эффективно сравнивать высокотехнологичные товары, объявила о старте продаж нового приложения серии Upcast AvBooks
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