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David Cameron is the world's first leader to be invited aboard Air Force One

David Cameron is the world's first leader to be invited aboard Air Force One

David Cameron is the world's first leader to be invited aboard Air Force One
British Prime Minister David Cameron has become the first world leader invited to fly onboard Air Force One with President Barack Obama, in a very public signal of the value the US puts on its relationship with Britain. The US President has asked Cameron to join him on the world's coolest plane for a 70 minute trip to see a college basketball final in Ohio on Tuesday. The flight is certainly a step up in the glamour stakes from Obama's recent meetings with other world leaders. French President Nicolas Sarkozy was taken to Ben's Chili Bowl for a $4.20 (Rs 208) hot dog, while former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev received a Coke and cheeseburger at Ray's Hell Burger. White House officials reportedly described the trip on the "flying White House" as "a special gesture to show a very special relationship". Cameron's trip to the US also represents another milestone Cameron will be accompanied by his wife Samantha on an official overseas visit for the first time since taking office. While Cameron and Obama are taking to the skies, their wives will be at a mini-Olympics for Washington children in celebration of London's upcoming Games. The following day, a party of 12 children from Elizabeth Garrett Anderson school will go to the White House to meet Cameron and First Lady Michelle Obama. That evening, the Camerons will join President Obama and his wife at a State dinner. Downing Street has said the Camerons' visit would strengthen the essential relationship between the UK and the US, following on from President Obama's State visit to Britain last May. 'Dow will remain sponsor of Olympics' British PM David Cameron has ruled out taking India's side in its quest to have Dow Chemicals dropped as the sponsor of the London Olympics. He said while speaking to Karan Thapar, "It would be a very sad day." "A boycott will not be the right action. I will be very sad for Indian athletes, sad for India, Britain, of course," he added.

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