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John Travolta serenades Challenger 350

John Travolta serenades Challenger 350
Look who's talking about the Challenger 350 at the Bombardier stand [7011], urban flyboy John Travolta. To a crowd of hundreds gathered around the mock-up of Bombardier's re-engined, super-midsize jet, Travolta explained how deep is his love for the new aircraft. "I want one!" he said. Travolta wasn't jive talking a load of pulp fiction, either. Call it a case of flight fever. Bombardier had invited its most famous Challenger 601 pilot and owner on a recent test flight and simulator ride for the new Challenger 350. If Travolta's opinion matters in the market, Bombardier will be easily staying alive in the increasingly crowded super-midsize sector. "It's a pilot-friendly airplane like nothing I've ever seen," Travolta says. Travolta's test flight showed the Challenger 350 is more like a swordfish than a broken arrow, particularly its greased lightning time-to-climb speed profile. "We could fly from zero to 41,000ft," Travolta says, "and break records."

Поделиться: http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/ebace-john-travolta-serenades-challenger-350-386151/ STEPHEN TRIMBLE

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