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Karl Lagerfeld is set to design a couture helicopter

Karl Lagerfeld is set to design a couture helicopter

Karl Lagerfeld is set to design a couture helicopter
There are not many things to which Karl Lagerfeld can't turn his hand but, thus far, his collaborations haven't included helicopter design... But now aircraft company Agusta Westland has tapped the polymatic Mr Lagerfeld to design a fleet of VIP choppers. Yes, the AW139 twin-turbine helicopter is to get the Lagerfeld treatment both inside and out. We're not sure whether to expect it to be emblazoned with the giant intertwined 'Cs' of Chanel, the 'K' logo of his new Karl diffusion line or even his own patented silhouette in manner of the Colonel from Kentucky Fried Chicken but one thing's for sure, it will be impossibly chic. A helicopter by Karl Lagerfeld will be the ultimate means of travel for A-List fashionistas and we're certain that Victoria Beckham, Carine Roitfeld, Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively, Claudia Schiffer and Co will all be on board with his new project. But will there be room for all their monogrammed luggage? The Westland website puts everyone's minds at rest, assuring potential customers that the AW139 is equipped to transport up to 15 passengers 'in a most spacious and comfortable cabin' with an 'ample baggage compartment.' Phew. However, as Karl himself admits, the one thing he doesn't seem to have cracked is driving: "I haven’t driven since I was 18, and that’s a benefit to society because I ended up in a ditch, without knowing why!” So let's hope that he sticks to the design of helicopter and steers well clear of the cockpit.

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