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The Japanese cuisine

Even the words that describe the most basic of Japanese dishes are exotic and beautiful. Japanese cuisine is easily one of the healthiest on Earth, with its concentration on fresh fish, seafood, rice, and vegetables. The zesty sauces and delicate flavors of fresh foods complement each other beautifully, and the methods of presentation turn even simple meals into ornate, eye-pleasing events. There is much more to Japanese food than just sushi and tempura. Discover forms of Japanese cuisine with FLY FUSION. Food is inspiration: Japanese Green Tea Cheesecake This is a great combination of a healthy Asian pastry recipe that is perfect as a unique and gratifying treat! Matcha, or green tea powder, lends a lovely green color and refreshing flavor to cheesecake. Japanese style cheesecake that has a souffle like texture is a perfect dessert on board. Chef Way: Black Cod with Miso Made famous by one of Robert De Niro’s favorites, Black Cod with Miso is popular among business aviation travelers and many of them having tried it once fall in love with it forever. When East meet West: Japanese Pizza with Salmon FLY FUSUION Japanese Pizza with salmon combines the secrets of traditional pizza-making techniques from the west and in depth knowledge of the Asian taste profiles. The excellent formula of the dough and flavorful ingredients makes it a perfect choice for in-flight catering. It is not just another pizza. Read more in TOP FLIGHT N5(17)

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  • Turn in-flight catering into a new experience. Fly Fusion’s eye-catching and tasty food creations offer a wide range of global flavours covering domestic and international tastes and making any kind of journey an event the passenger will want to repeat
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