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Top dishes by Fly Fusion

Turn in-flight catering into a new experience. Fly Fusion’s eye-catching and tasty food creations offer a wide range of global flavours covering domestic and international tastes and making any kind of journey an event the passenger will want to repeat. The Passenger wants to use his travelling time to the maximum. Enjoying a tasty meal is a perfect way to arrive at one’s destination energized and ready for business. Business aviation passenger is to have an unforgettable culinary experience. This section is about what Fly Fusion offers to indulge its business aviation customers. Favourite woman cake: Cheesecake with strawberry sauce This cheesecake features a wonderful flavor combination of Key lime juice and fresh strawberry sauce which is popular among women and has become a hit. The most exotic: Young potatoes with Tobico Young potatoes served with delicate green caviar from the roe of flying fish is an unimaginable mix of widely admired European and Asian cuisines. The most popular: Pasta with tiger prawns This unusually fantastic tiger prawns flambed in pernod recipe is straight from FLY FUSION chef, its unusual mix of flavours are a sure fire winner. The dish is the combination of different ingredients that one might not normally consider putting together, that makes this dish as interesting as it is delicious. The anticipation and in trepidation of the taste to come, will certainly bring looks of contented, happy surprise by business aviation travelers. Read more in TOP FLIGHT N1(13)

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