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Aviadvigatel seeking EASA certification for PD-14 turbofan

Russia’s new PD-14 turbofan, represented by a mock-up at MAKS 2013, is being prepared for EASA certification. A relevant application was submitted earlier this year, United Engine Corporation (UEC) general director Vladislav Masalov has told Show Observer. The certification documentation to be submitted to EASA will first have to be approved by the Aviation Register of the CIS-wide Interstate Aviation Committee (AR IAC). "We had our disagreements with [Perm-based UEC subsidiary and PD-14 developer] Aviadvigatel on the order in which certification should progress," Masalov says. "They wanted to obtain a Russian certificate and then have it validated by EASA. UEC, however, is convinced that these two processes should run in parallel. An EASA certificate is essential and should be secured early on. If something is found to be wrong with the engine design at this early stage, certification will be delayed. This is why we aim to start certification talks with EASA this year, with the help from AR IAC." Aviadvigatel began readying the PD-14 for certification in May. The engine is intended as a powerplant for the future Irkut MC-21 narrowbody airliner. A PD-14 technology demonstrator has been built and tested. The first test engine will be assembled in September. Also this year, documents should be issued for the flight testing phase, which is set to commence in 2014. Total investments in the PD-14 program between 2008 and 2013 amounted to 25 billion rubles ($760 million); a further 15 billion rubles in R&D funds will be needed in 2014-2015, not counting 30 billion rubles in industrialization costs. The engine will go into series production at Perm Motors and at NPO Saturn in Rybinsk. Certification should be completed in 2017, to be followed by entry into service later that year. Another powerplant choice for the MC-21, the Pratt & Whitney PW1400 GTF geared turbofan, is expected to be certified in the first quarter of 2015.

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