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Gazpromneft–Aero Increased Fuel Supplies to Foreign Airlines in Russia by 35% in 2012

Gazpromneft–Aero, an aviation fuel operator of Gazprom Neft – the fifth largest oil and gas company in Russia, increased fuel supplies to foreign airlines at the largest Russian airports up to 15,000 ton, resulting in a 35% growth as compared to 2011. Gazpromneft–Aero sustained its status as the top retailer of the Russian aviation fuel market in 2012. The company’s total aviation fuel sales achieved 2,900,000 ton. Over 1,900,000 ton was supplied on an into-plane basis, 22% more than in 2011. The company also has its own distribution network, which is the largest in Russia including refueling facilities in 31 airports. New clients, gained by Gazpromneft–Aero during the last year, included Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Hamburg Airways, and other airlines. Following the strategic agreement between Gazpromneft–Aero and Air Total International (ATI), the company began to provide refueling services to the French company AigleAzur at Vnukovo Airport, Moscow. Pursuant to the agreement, the companies made their presence networks accessible to each other including for the refueling of regular, one-time, and unscheduled charter flights. Gazpromneft–Aero’s development strategy involves business expansion in Siberian airports where Trans-Siberian air passages from Europe to Asia are concentrated. Direct supplies from Omsk Oil Refinery of Gazprom Neft ensure the best possible pricing conditions and guarantee required fuel quantities to air carriers. In 2012 Gazpromneft – Aero began refueling the first flights of the cargo carrier YangtzeRiverExpress at the Tolmachevo International Airport, Novosibirsk, Russia. Gazpromneft–Aero is committed to implementing international fuel quality and aircraft refueling standards in Russia. It was one of the first companies in Russia to insure against risks related to possible environmental and third-party damage compensation with world-wide coverage. “We offer most favorable long-term fuel supply contracts to our partners and are looking to cooperate with the world’s major air carriers,” Gazpromneft–Aero CEO Vladimir Yegorov stated.

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