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Helisota begins servicing Airbus Helicopters models

Lithuanian MRO provider Helisota has started offering repair services on Airbus Helicopters aircraft. The corresponding maintenance clearance, issued in March 2016, covers the H120, H135, and H145 types. Helisota’s first aircraft to be serviced under the new clearance was an H120 light single-engine helicopter, CEO Anatolij Legenzov told Show Observer. It was received in the second half of April for a maintenance check after accumulating 100 flight hours. The entire check took Helisota just one day, complete with engine cleansing and additional scheduled maintenance operations. The next Airbus helicopter, an H135 light twin, is expected to come in for maintenance in June. Legenzov says H135s and H145s are the most popular types with operators “thanks to their outstanding versatility and multirole capability”. Asked whether Helisota was prepared to offer MRO services on Russian-operated Airbus Helicopter fleets, Legenzov said: “As a strategic partner of Airbus Helicopters we are open to all customers across Europe. We are ready to service helicopters operated in the Baltic States, but we also see no problems whatsoever in negotiating helicopter maintenance services with operators from other European countries.” Helisota’s further plans include MRO services on Airbus Helicopters’ medium-lift models, such as the H155 or the AS365 N3. The company is also looking into the possibility of obtaining clearance to offer maintenance services on AgustaWestland or Bell Helicopter products. “We believe these manufacturers have a greater European potential than, say, Sikorsky or MD Helicopters,” Legenzov explains. Helisota provides MRO services on Western- and Russian-made helicopters to operators from more than 30 countries, both at its Kaunas, Lithuania-based certified maintenance base and at customers’ locations.

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