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High-speed UAV Fregat was presented at MAKS-2015 airshow

Kronshtadt Group held a presentation of advanced high-speed UAV Fregat, which does not require an airfield, at MAKS-2015 international airshow. Kronshtadt Company (part of Kronshtadt Group) is starting development of Fregat UAV, which does not require an airfield. In accordance with the performance specification, Fregat will combine a vertical takeoff and landing capability with a good aircraft performance, which allows carrying out work in hard-to-reach regions having no airfield structure, the company explained. The UAV designed for aerial reconnaissance and cargo transportation will be able to carry a payload of 1 700 kg (when taking off like an aircraft) and 1000 kg (when taking off like a helicopter). Ceiling will be 8000 m, maximum flight duration – around 10 hours. The project will be implemented in several stages. At the first stage a flying model will be created in order to test major technical solutions. At the second stage a prototype powered by a production engine will be developed and tested. Depending on the results of the second stage, a decision on starting further research and development work will be made, the company added. Resources and competencies of Kronshtadt Group, gained during implementation of projects in the area of development and production of UAVs, will be used throughout the project. «Development of Fregat UAV, which does not need an airfield, is in line with development trends of aircraft industry,” Director of UAV Department of Kronshtadt Group Nikolai Dolzhenkov. “UAV with such parameters has a bright future and it will be in demand. It may carry out different missions from monitoring to express delivery of cargo”.

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