Long range Superjet set for launch

Russian energy giant Gazprom's internal carrier, Gazpromavia, is to be the first recipient of the long-range Sukhoi Superjet 100LR, which has just started flight tests. Gazpromavia will take delivery by the end of 2013 and Sukhoi insists it is on track following the maiden flight on 12 February. The aircraft has been ferried to Moscow Zhukovsky for certification trials and a second will fly later this month. Sukhoi has designed the 100LR to operate over a 2,470nm (4,570km) range, 50% greater than that of the basic airframe. The LR will have a maximum take-off weight of 49.5t, compared with 45.9t for the basic. It will also have uprated PowerJet SaM146-1S18 engines, generating an additional 5% thrust and better climb performance. It has the same fuel tanks and the landing gear has not needed strengthening, says Sukhoi.

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