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Mi-17V-5 helicopter won the “100 best products of Russia” award again

Kazan Helicopters (forming part of Russian Helicopters Holding Company) has won the “100 best products of Russia” and “Best products and services of Tatarstan” awards, the holding company reports. AEX.ru The plant won the awards in “Technical and industrial goods” category having presented its exported Mi-17V-5 helicopter (Mi-8MTV-5 – at the Russian market). «Mi-8/17 Family helicopters are the main products of Kazan Helicopters. These are the advanced helicopters fitted with the latest equipment and avionics. KazanHelicopterisupgradingMi-17V-5. According to some experts, Mi-8/17 helicopters may keep the leading positions in their class for another 15-20 years on the assumption of constant upgrading. Flexibility and great aircraft performance, innovative technical solutions (for instance, “glass cockpit”) make Mi-17V-5 one of the most popular helicopters manufactured by Russian Helicopters», - the company noted. Kazan Helicopters has repeatedly won the “1000 best enterprises of Russia”, “The best exporter of Russia” in the “Exporter with the most active policy in the area of marketing and foreign commerce”, “Golden idea” awards and many others. The enterprise was awarded with the “Honor of the Motherland” title in 2011 in the network of “100 best products of Russia” award. Following the results of 2012 Kazan Helicopters won the “Golden Mercury” award in the area of entrepreneurial activities; “Aviation enterprise 2012” award in the “For personal contribution to the development of the aircraft industry” category (the award was presented to CEO of Kazan Helicopters, Vadim Ligay).

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