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Mi-2 upgrade solution from Motor Sich

Ukrainian engine manufacturer Motor Sich has brought to MAKS a substantial upgrade solution for the Mil Mi-2 light helicopter. CEO Vyacheslav Boguslayev says Motor Sich is not seeking recognition as the new variant’s developer, but notes that this is the term the CIS-wide Interstate Aviation Committee (IEC) applies to any company applying for a separate type certificate. In order to be able to apply with the IEC for certification of the upgraded helicopter, Motor Sich had to rename it MSB-2. "Our design house has never been through a certification process before, and we appreciate the opportunity we have to gain valuable knowledge of this complex procedure with an already well-reputed airframe," says Boguslayev. Composites account for 25% of the MSB-2 fuselage. The helicopter has new engines and a new reduction gear. The main fuel tank is mounted externally. Forward-facing cabin seats are arranged in two rows; access to the cabin is through a ramp door in the rear part of the fuselage. The Mi-2’s original GTD-350 engines are replaced with two Motor Sich AI-450M powerplants, thus reducing fuel burn by 30%, extending the helicopter’s range to 445 km and its hover ceiling to 1,500 m. Flight tests should begin shortly. Motor Sich also offers a "lite" upgrade solution for the Mi-2, turning it into the Mi-2MSB variant through the installation of AI-450M engines. The re-engining work is performed at the Vinnitsa aircraft repair plant. Motor Sich representatives say a Russian aircraft manufacturer has expressed an interest in the AI-450M, and that a contract will be announced here at MAKS 2013.

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