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Sukhoi delivered a batch of serial Su-34 bombers to Russian air forces

Five serial Su-34 bombers took off from the airfield of Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association named after V.P. Chkalov (NAPO) on December 25th and headed straight for their home station at Voronezh air base of the Western Military District. The jets have been delivered to the air forces in the network of State defense order for 2012, press-service of Sukhoi Company reports. “The state contract on delivery of 32 Su-34 bombers to the Russian Ministry of Defense was signed in 2008. Another state contact on delivery of 92 jets until 2020 was signed in March 2012. This is one of the largest contracts on delivery of combat aircraft assumed by the State program in the area of arms for 2011 – 2020. The fulfillment of this contract will allow replacing most of the currently operated Su-24 bombers. It also provides high production load for the enterprises of Sukhoi Company and their suppliers. The aircraft performance and combat capabilities of the delivered jets fully meet the requirements of Russian air forces. It has been confirmed during joint state testing, which has been completed in September 2011”, - the company explained. Independent from the time of day and weather conditions, Su-34 is able to hit the ground, sea and air targets using all the assortment of aircraft ammunition, including the high-precision munition. It is the 4+-generation aircraft. The active safety system and advanced computers provide additional capabilities for the jet and allow pilot and navigating officer to carry out target bombing and maneuver under enemy fire. Excellent aerodynamics, great capacity of integral tanks, highly efficient engines with digital control system, air refueling system and mounting of additional fuel tanks provide a long range for the jet (almost as average strategic bombers). The jet has a great performance and maneuvering characteristics, long-range sighting systems, advanced communications system for data exchange with ground command facilities, ground forces, surface ships and between the jets. Su-34 is armed with high-performance guided long-range air-to-surface and air-to-air armament with a capability of multi-channel engagement. It is fitted with high-intelligent radar countermeasure and defense system. Su-34 has an extensive damage control system, including armored cockpit. The jet is able to attain combat tasks at low altitude in “fly-by” and “pass-by” modes. It is planned to increase the jet’s combat potential with new air-launched weapons in the nearest future.

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