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The passenger traffic of Domodedovo airport amounted to 30,76 million passengers in 2013

Following the results of 2013 Domodedovo became the leader among the airports of Russia and Eastern Europe in terms of passenger traffic – 30.76 million passengers (+9.2% as compared to 2012). It is the highest passenger traffic in the history of Moscow Air Cluster, the airport’s press-service reports. «The milestone of 30 million passengers was achieved in December 2013, when 8-year-old Robert Arutyunyan checked in and became the “milestone passenger”. Last year the number of young passengers of Domodedovo increased to 1,28 million people (+30,8% as compared to 2012). Domodedovo is doing its best to make sure that young travelers enjoy the time spent at the airport. For example, a playroom was opened at the International Departure Gallery. It became a successful supplement to other services intended for young passengers of the airport», - the press-service noted. Moreover, Domodedovo offers a wide range of services for all the passengers regardless of their age and destination. 12 new destinations were opened in 2013 and 10 of them are unique ones within the framework of Moscow Air Cluster: Alexandroupoli, Bremen, Baden-Baden, Leipzig, Vinnica, Nha Trang, Sevastopol, Ivano-Frankivsk, Sarajevo, Manchester. Today 85 airlines operate regular flights to 242 destinations from Domodedovo airport (87 ones are unique within the framework of Moscow Air Cluster). In 2013 the following carriers became the partners of Russia’s largest airport: Blue Panorama Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Red Wings, easyJet and Germania. By cooperating with more airlines Domodedovo provides its passengers with more opportunities in terms of time and fares and keeps the highest quality of service. «The increase of indicators and improvement of service quality confirm the status of Domodedovo as the fast-growing airport: daily takeoffs and landings of more than 500 aircraft, tens of thousands of passengers, a vast route network and a high quality of services make most travelers choose Domodedovo. The airport would like to thank the passengers for their confidence and express gratitude to its partners for efficient and fruitful cooperation. We are confident that we will be able to achieve new milestones together this year», - the press-service added.

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