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Transaero Airlines continues to use iPad as an Electronic Flight Bag

Transaero Airlines made another important step in terms of implementation of its program for using iPad as an Electronic Flight Bag. Having summarized the experience of pilots who used iPads, Transaero started a new phase of the project – implementing EFB Class 2, which allows the crew to use only electronic documents during a flight, said in the carrier’s statement. We remind you that in September 2013, Transaero was the first Russian carrier to be licensed by the Federal Air Transport Agency to use iPads as Electronic Flight Bags – EFB Class 1. Using a special interface connecting the iPad to aircraft systems, pilots will be able to track real-time aircraft locations on interactive route maps and airport layouts. The crew will be able to use iPads throughout the flight thanks to a docking station developed for the cockpit. “To implement the new stage of the program Transaero has purchased 1,200 iPad Air devices to provide each of the airline’s pilots with the tablet”, - the carrier noted. Usage of corporate iPads by the crews will allow Transaero to optimize the company’s technological processes by means of using only electronic documents; improve fuel efficiency by reducing the weight of documentation transported and elaborating more precise flight plans and meteorological data; improve working conditions for the crews by reducing the time needed for searching and retrieving required documentation from the electronic library, decreasing the crew’s workload while carrying out standard procedures. Each Transaero pilot will be able to use his personal iPad not only at work, but also during his spare time for distance learning, contacting the company via corporate email and corporate website. Transaero explained that the access to the resources and updates are provided via Wi-Fi connection at all facilities of Transaero base airports, via LTE and 3G networks throughout the territory of Russia, via Wi-Fi provided by the onboard systems and in hotels. The program for implementation of EFB is being carried out by the Flight Navigation Service department with the support of the Information Security Department and Technical department of Transaero Airlines. Transaero partnered up with Boeing, Jeppesen, AirWatch, reStore and MegaFon in the network of this project.

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