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Enjoy an $800 Million Expedition to the Moon and Back

Golden Spike is yet another company with bold dreams and huge plans. Led by brilliant minds such as NASA veterans Gerry Griffin and Alan Stern, the team behind Golden Spike intends to make the Moon more open to space expeditions than ever before. They plan to organize journeys to the moon and back, with one round-trip ticket costing a whopping $800 million! Obviously, only very few privileged people will actually be able to go on such an amazing adventure, and this includes scientists and rich tourists alike. Whether you are supported by an individual business, a government, or your personal account, Golden Spike will be happy to take you on the most exciting trip of your life, starting 2020. The minimum surface stay for a trip is 36 hours, which is enough for two thrilling moonwalks and lots of lunar experiments. The spacecraft will carry cameras, a surface expedition tool kit, some optional add-on packages, and a lot of equipment for scientific use. “Visitors” will also have the possibility to collect up to 50 kg (110 lbs) of lunar samples and take them back to Earth for studies. What the company dreams of accomplishing is to create a future where human expeditions to the moon are more frequent, more affordable, and much more reliable as well. Their target market is comprised of companies, governmental agencies, and rich individuals from all over the world. The purpose of these expeditions is not only scientific advancement, but also commerce, education, tourism, and entertainment.
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