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SibNIA to order 300+ TPE331 Honeywell engines

A derivative of the TPE331-12UHR that powers the Jetstream 32 and Metro 23, the TPE331-12UAN will provide 1,100 takeoff shaft horsepower (SHP) for the An-2. Honeywell has been selected by Russia’s Siberian Aeronautical Research Institute (SibNIA) to supply an expected 300 TPE331-12UAN turboprop engines as part of a major upgrade offering for Russia’s Antonov An-2 fleets, with an option for additional orders. Starting in late 2013, Honeywell will supply the engines and aftermarket support to improve the operational capabilities and efficiency of the An-2. Honeywell and SibNIA are also considering additional opportunities for future collaboration on the An-2 programme. These could include avionics, with both manufacturers exploring concepts for upgrading the An-2 cockpit using the extensive capabilities of Honeywell’s avionics product line, as well as the potential for localised production of the TPE331-12UAN. SibNIA will be the focal point for TPE331 engine support in Russia for the An-2, building gradually from line maintenance to overhaul as dictated by aircraft fleet utilisation and operational needs.

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