Celebrating 15 years

Flight Consulting Group, a Latvian holding company specializing in services for business aviation, recently celebrated 15 years in business. “15 years is a period when one can safely say that the business has been a success,” Flight Consulting Group co-owner Roman Starkov. “I am very proud of Flight Consulting Group’s achievements. Of course, this is the result of the hard work of our team, where each member is a true professional.” Flight Consulting Group was established in 2000 and offered international flight support, charter flight management and non-scheduled flights handling at the Riga International Airport (RIX). The company expanded and became one of the leading business aviation services providers in the ex-Soviet territory in less than three years. “In the core of our business there is a great desire to provide a customer with a full range of services in business aviation: from operational control and handling in any airport around the world to a professional consulting in aircraft acquisition and management,” Flight Consulting Group co-owner Leonid Gorodnitski says. “Our customers value our quality, reliability and flexible pricing policy. We are proud of our business results, and we will put every effort to upscale the scope of services while improving quality.” Flight Consulting Group handles about 80% of non-scheduled flights in the airports across the Baltics, Belorussia and Kaliningrad (Russia). It also provides operational control and dispatch services to more than 90 aircraft of different types, from Beechcraft Premier 1 to Boeing Business Jet and Airbus Corporate Jet. The total number of flights handled and serviced by the company exceeds 80,000 in 125 countries and 2500 airports across the globe.

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